Why Your Web Design is the First Step to Better Sales

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People say that if you have a business, it needs to have a website to boost your sales, but there is more to it than that. If you are wondering why your sales have not improved, here is what you should know: there is more to a website than simply having one. 

The designing phase itself requires a lot of careful planning and strategising. If you want to know how you can improve your site or guarantee a well-performing website, read on. This guide can help you make the right web design decisions.

Your Design Is Your Hook

When people look up your brand online, your website is one of the first things they will see. Whether positive or negative, people will have their own impressions of your brand. If you want to create a positive image and encourage people to move forward in the sales funnel, you need to make your webpage appealing to their taste.

A poorly designed website does the exact opposite. Besides leaving bad impressions on potential customers, you might increase your bounce rate. If you want to gain people’s trust, having a reliable, helpful, attractive, and professional website could help you achieve that. 

What You Should Do: 

  • Make your web design is uniquely yours. Your goal is for it to not look like a template that people have seen before. It should deliver what your audience needs to know right off the bat.

  • Only use quality photos and videos to make your website look credible and enticing. No one would feel encouraged to purchase from a store that uses poor quality content.

  • Have consistent branding across all your materials. Brand consistency builds up brand recall for people. It makes your business more recognisable. 

What You Should Avoid:

  • Avoid putting everything on your home page. It could overwhelm and confuse your visitors. Also, a cluttered and messy web page reflects badly on your business. Ensure you only put the essential information on it and let the navigation buttons do their jobs.

  • Avoid crowded text or bad colour combinations that are not pleasing to the eye. Huge blocks of text and clunky layouts could lead to higher bounce rates. Remember that people always skim the web pages first before they decide what to do next. Your web page should look clean and inviting.

Keeping these notes in mind is a great start on how to improve your website performance.


Your website serves as your digital storefront. If it does not meet your audience’s needs, you will neither persuade them to trust you nor make transactions with you. To that end, you should use your website to your advantage. Start with the best design possible. 

Remember, however, that site aesthetic is just one of the many elements of a website. You also have SEO, content, and more to consider. Make sure to work with professional web designers who know the correct strategies for productive websites.

If you are looking for a web design agency in Northampton to tap for your business website project, give us a call at Fruitbowl Studio. We are a creative team of digital experts who will bring your brand and business to life through a compelling website. We make sure we know and understand your customers before we provide you with strategies and design! Contact us today to learn how else we can help.


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