Why WordPress Maintenance Is Important for Your Business

wordpress maintenance

One of the cornerstones of every successful website is continuous maintenance. While it is rather simple to launch your website through WordPress, it doesn’t stop there. Keep in mind that WordPress is a system in itself, with things like content, themes, plugins and updates.

It is very important to maintain your website properly and have it constantly optimised well. Aside from that, it should be looked after and needs to be secure at all times. That way, you can make the most of the possible mileage you can gain from it. 

Most people will make their first contact with your company or organisation through your website. That’s also where they will get their very first impression of you. If only for that alone, it is crucial that your website is functional and always at its peak. 

Still in the planning stages of putting a website together? A web hosting agency in Northampton can help you from planning and launching to post-launch management. It is also important to remember to strategise what you’ll be doing post-launch.

Here are some reasons why WordPress maintenance is important for your business:

The security of your website must be foolproof at all times

One of the most important, if not the most important overall, factors in making sure your WordPress website is updated involves security. WordPress powers 34% of the websites across the globe, and this popularity makes it a constant target for hackers. Data could be compromised and/or stolen, and malicious codes could be distributed, among other hazards. 

This is not to say that WordPress isn’t secure; it is, by default. However, it’s entirely possible to miss out on some basics when you’re trying to get your website up and running. This can lead to developing security holes.

WordPress is essentially open source, which means that learning and improving upon the source can be done by virtually anybody. However, the downside is that hackers can also study ways that they can use to break into your system.

Loading time is crucial for the success of your website

One of the things WordPress developers constantly try to achieve is making things quickly, using far less code and having functions that are efficiently written out. That way, both the database and server have far less of a load to deal with. 

New releases are packed with improvements to the overall performance, which leads WordPress to be more efficient and faster. Speed is a crucial factor for search engine optimisation (SEO), which in turn affects your Google ranking. A single plug-in not being updated can lead to a total slowdown of the entire website or some functions turning completely unresponsive.


WordPress maintenance is incredibly crucial, especially since it’s open source and more than 1/4 of total websites all over the world run on it. There are several reasons why it should be your utmost priority, mainly for security and the overall speed of your website. Work with a WordPress support agency in Northampton you can trust to make sure that your WordPress site is running smoothly.

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