eCommerce is a difficult field because of all the competition and logistics involved in running a business. True for all businesses, a website that is well-designed and optimized for customer’s use is an essential tool that can aid in the growth of your company and help it stay afloat in the market. 

Before you start cramming a bunch of things into your website, remember that there are certain elements that are a must when it comes to online shopping pages. While a fancy page looks nice, companies often overdo the layout and workings of their webpages and miss out on essential elements that make it an effective retailing domain. Here are some must-have features for your eCommerce page that will make its presence more effective:

Focus On Making A User-Friendly Interface

Remember that not all users like an overdone page. Minimalism is a trend with modern sites, which is something that you may want to consider utilizing when building your business domain. Customers are known to want a streamlined process when it comes to purchasing, which means fewer clicks to find things on your website, along with shorter waiting times. While placing a bunch of visuals makes it look nice, it can slow down your site and confuse visitors with your product placement. Utilize the use of filters to find items and make sure the navigation of your webpage is simple and straightforward. 

Integrate A Variety Of Payment Gateways

While it may seem trivial to add a bunch of payment options, people appreciate choices when it comes to payment. While some people prefer the ease of using their credit or debit cards to make purchases, some would rather use PayPal for safer purchases, especially if the site is unknown to them. Others may also appreciate Google Pay or Apple Pay if that makes them feel safer about their purchases. 

Optimise The Shopping Cart 

Remember that customers who are inconvenienced with online purchasing often abandon their shopping carts, and sometimes this happens during checkout when the process is complicated. Make the shopping cart checkout process simple and quick for people to spend less time trying to figure out what to do with their order. 

Streamline Order Management

Having a good order management system will simplify the process of tracking packages, returns and cancellations, as well as other order and customer relations-related aspects of retail. With in-depth data collection, this system will make it easy to track your products and buyer satisfaction.

Prioritise Security For Buyers

Always keep in mind that the internet is littered with scammers and fraudulent sellers and retailers. This makes people sceptical about online purchases from sites that are new or up-and-coming. Customers will want to feel safe when ordering from your business, which is why you should invest in customer data security as well as company application security. This can be done by bumping up protective programs such as firewalls that block malicious traffic and using two-factor authentication for shoppers who are regular customers and patrons. 

Optimise The Website For All Devices And Localisations

While many will access your site from a computer, there is no doubt that almost everyone owns a smartphone nowadays. Knowing this, you will want to have a website optimised for all platforms to keep the shopping experience flawless and free-flowing. Additionally, you may want to consider if you get a lot of international traffic. If your buyers are from all over the world, perhaps you could optimise your site to hold different currencies and languages for inclusivity. 

Include Reviews Whenever Possible

Reviews are a good way to tell potential buyers how legitimate your company is. When they see a lot of reviews and a total score of over four stars, they are likely to perceive your brand as a good one. Do keep in mind that a perfect set of reviews can be perceived as fake and can turn people away from purchasing from you.


Websites are your brand’s backbone and can make or break your success. With web design and optimisation taking new heights and new trends surfacing regularly, your eCommerce site will need to keep innovating and updating its strategy. 

For an amazing retail website, you will want the services of an eCommerce website design agency as we offer here at Fruitbowl Studio in Northampton. With cutting-edge web design, hosting services, and managed eCommerce strategies, we are your best bet when it comes to leveling up your business. 

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