Typical Errors That Occur during Web Design Planning

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An official website is the first point of contact most people have with a brand or business. Both marketing and sales teams alike have it as a primary asset and resource. Like most other things, the ideal way to go about this is to start with a plan.

No development or designing can start if there’s no plan in place. Otherwise, the direction of the website may run considerably off course. That could end up wasting valuable time and resources. Aside from being a key source for sales and marketing, the website also has to provide visitors with the necessary information they need.

Read on for typical errors that occur during web design planning so you can avoid them as you go along:

ERROR: No Goal During the Design Process

RATIONALE: It’s impossible to tell whether something is doing well or not if there’s nothing to compare or base it on, right? Make sure that as your website is being designed anew, there are goals in place. Ideally, S.M.A.R.T. ones:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Relevant
  • Time-bound

Having a clear picture of what the redesign is meant to do and timeframes for milestones will really keep things on track.

ERROR: No Proper Benchmark Records

RATIONALE: Are you tracking things on your website somehow already? Before any redesign, the benchmarks of the current site need to be taken into consideration. This way, the new design’s performance can be measured accurately. Consider:

  • Average monthly bounce rate
  • Average monthly leads
  • Average monthly time spent on the website
  • Average monthly visitors to the website
  • Current number of pages that receive traffic
  • Current number of website pages indexed
  • Total number of inbound linking domains
  • Top-performing keywords by rank, traffic, and lead generation
  • Total number of sales per month

ERROR: No Proper Sitemap

RATIONALE: It’s crucial that the overall user experience (UX) of anyone visiting your website is a good one. A key factor in making sure they can get where they want to go and have a clear view of possible pages to visit. A proper sitemap can solve this in an instant, coupled with a proper navigation bar and menu options that are clear and concise. Try not to use too many words (“a selection of high-end bottles of Scotch”, for example, can simply appear as “high-end Scotch”).

ERROR: Not Optimizing For Mobile

RATIONALE: Responsive websites are necessary in the modern age. Practically everyone has a smartphone or tablet, and they use it to browse the internet more often than not. All of those non-desktop or laptop options should be taken into consideration. Make sure the new design is tested on a number of mobile devices so that no matter how visitors are accessing it, they’re able to view and navigate through with ease.


Web design planning starts with, well, a solid plan. It has to take a number of things into consideration since a website is incredibly crucial for a number of reasons. Typical errors include not optimising for mobile, no proper benchmark records, and not having a proper sitemap.

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