5 Things That Slow Down Your WordPress Site’s Response Time

wordpress on laptop

The speed of your website has a direct impact on whether or not visitors become paying and even loyal customers. You’ll offer your visitors a chance to engage with your material if your site processes quickly. Furthermore, Google considers a page’s loading speed and server response time as search engine ranking factors. 

If your website takes more than a few seconds to load, you may need to exert some effort to speed things up. Here are the primary reasons why your WordPress site has a slow response time:

Slow Server Response Time

Your web provider may be limiting the amount of bandwidth you use, making it difficult to minimise your server response time. The following are the two most common forms of hosting:

  • Shared Hosting or Virtual Hosting – These servers are part of a community and host several websites, including yours. This suggests that your website competes with others on the server. Sharing the server also makes it easy for someone to hack your website. 
  • Fully Managed WordPress Hosting – This kind of server is restricted to your website. Its full processing power and resources are solely dedicated to you, which might increase the cost. It will, however, be speedier and more secure.

Outdated WordPress 

WordPress notifying you to update might be annoying at times. While it might be inconvenient and potentially cause the site to go down when incompatible elements are updated, it is beneficial to keep it updated. 

Delayed response time might be caused by obsolete tools, which can be resolved with a single click. Enhancements frequently accompany these updates, and many of them improve speed. If you’re not sure, run a speed test before and after WordPress updates to see improvements. 

Unoptimised Images 

While a 5000px by 3000px image is ideal for printing and framing in real life, it is not suitable to use on your website. Keep in mind that most desktop screens are only 1920px wide, whereas most mobile devices are 700px wide.

Depending on how you intend your users to access your site, there is no need to publish a photo larger than this. Optimising your images and other website elements will significantly boost your page loading speeds.

Too Many Plugins 

The wide range of plugins is one of the best aspects of WordPress. They provide you with complete control over how you optimise and modify your site. However, with so many available features, it’s tempting to install too many even if you end up not using them. Keep in mind that each of these plugins might increase your page load time! 

One way to check if a plugin impacts your load time is by deactivating them one at a time. Each time you remove one, run a speed test on your page. If you discover a plugin or two causing problems, consider replacing them with a lighter plugin or consulting with a WordPress support agency. 

Unnecessarily Long CSS or JavaScript 

CSS, or cascading style sheets, defines your site’s tone and tells the browser what colours to load, table code, header, footer, and menu, font style, and size, among other things. Hundreds of lines of code can be found in these files, which can be dozens of pages for one website.

Many of these files contain additional spaces, line breaks, and other information that the site does not require. Given these kinds of additional bits in a file, they can significantly increase the time it takes for your site to load.


If you don’t minimise the server response time, you’ll give your visitors a subpar experience, and many will instantly abandon your site. Make sure to seek a WordPress maintenance agency to help you optimise your site and speed it up. 

Fruitbowl Studio is a WordPress maintenance agency in Northampton specialising in creating websites that streamline your business operations and automate inefficient processes. Talk to us today for creative WordPress solutions!

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