Nowadays, every business functions online, so if you haven’t yet published your website, you’re already missing out on thousands of customers. More than just your digital inventory, your website is where you get to make an impression. However, you aren’t going to make a good one with a haphazard design and poorly-incorporated navigation. Before the Big Launch, put these tips into practice—the sales will come naturally. 

Tip 1: Focus on Something Specific

Your website should demonstrate an apparent goal. Do you want to build brand awareness? Are you looking to increase online sales or service bookings? Whatever it is about your business that you want to improve, let it drive your website structure. 

For instance, if you’re boosting sales, make your products the star of the show. Similarly, if you’re using your website to market, publish valuable content about your brand history, mission, and vision. 

Tip 2: Use Visual Aids

Whether you’re in retail, medical, technology, or even construction, professional-quality images will work to your advantage. Online consumers are visual thinkers, and visual aids are an excellent way to inform and educate. 

Step into your customer’s shoes—would you buy something without seeing it first? If the answer is no, you likely understand the value of using images on your website. 

Tip 3: Make Your Website Responsive

For your website to succeed, it has to look good across every device. Remember, you aren’t only catering to laptop users—you’ll also have to consider mobile and tablet users. 

A responsive website will also improve your SERP ranking, which means higher viewership and organic traffic.

If you’re working within a budget and opting for a responsive template, make sure to test your layout to determine whether it works the way you want it to. 

Tip 4: Craft Helpful Content

If you’re utilizing a blog to market your products and services, filler content won’t perform well. Craft informative, engaging, and memorable content. Through a blog, infographic, brochure, or white paper, readers should be able to exit their tab, knowing more about your brand than they did previously. 

Tip 5: Make it Secure

Cybercriminals hack thousands of websites a day. Sure, there may be millions of websites taking up digital space, but you can’t get too comfortable. Improve your website security by opting for a VPS instead of a shared host. Implement cloud storage in case of data loss—you never know with unreliable hardware these days. 

Tip 6: Prioritize SEO

In marketing, search engine optimization is more than just a buzz word. Improving your SEO is what makes your website visible. The more visitors you attract, the higher the chances of making a sale.

When bots crawl through your website, they sort pages and information to determine your ranking signal. By incorporating intelligent keyword research and studying consumer behavior, you’re only a few clicks away from a high-ranking website. 


When publishing a website, stock templates won’t do. You want to upload content that impresses and an interface that consumers love to use—Google will reward you for it later. 

For an eCommerce web design agency in Northampton that you can trust to deliver, Fruitbowl Studio is always ready to get down to business. Via personalized solutions and responsive designs, we nurture positive relationships between you and your clients. 

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