How to Sell Your Art via Print-On-Demand Merchandise


As a designer, artist, or illustrator, the internet age has made it easier to share and monetise your work online, not just in your locality but worldwide too. Bespoke business models for eCommerce continue to evolve to come up with innovative methods of increasing brand awareness, leads, and revenues. 

Artists are no longer limited to selling their original artwork and prints. Print-on-demand dropshipping now enables you to print your artwork on various merchandise, from bespoke mugs to shirts, clothing, stationary, and the like.

You won’t be able to go through any of these without difficulty. To be a successful artist, you must also be a thriving entrepreneur. It’s important to note that you already have a substantial body of work to include in your product line and sell to customers. 

Here are some suggestions in selling your art online via print-on-demand merchandise:

1. Prepare Your Art Work

Your art needs to sell if you want to be financially able to grow in your craft. Your artwork is your main product. As mentioned, you now have additional channels to share your art pieces through on-demand merchandise printing. 

The most crucial aspect is a well-designed product that resonates with your target audience and is compelling enough to persuade them to buy.

2. Stay True to Your Craft

Specialisation is more critical today more than ever. Run-of-the-mill designs do not offer much value to you as an artist. You need to keep honing your craft to produce one-of-a-kind pieces that others will want to buy or see printed on merchandise on display or as a gift to someone. 

Creative integrity is essential because it sets you apart from the competition. Your followers began supporting you for yuor distinct brand, so you need to keep maintaining and elevating yourself as an artist simultaneously.

3. Dare to Experiment on What Will Generate the Most Conversions

As an artist, you cannot be stuck in the past. Yes, there are still art collectors who appreciate commission work or traditional art pieces for their homes. However, as people are becoming more mobile, people’s buying preferences continue to evolve. 

You need to discover different channels to market your artwork continually. It could be digital prints today or artwork on fabric tomorrow. The possibilities are innumerable as long as you keep your entrepreneurial side lit up, not just your creative side. 

In addition, several excellent online tools may help you stay on top of the latest trends and developments.

4. Open Your Online Shop

Before you can sell your artwork online, you need to open your online shop. It can be a straightforward eCommerce site or a blog site that produces content and services other than what’s up for sale. 

Choosing a platform to sell your art is a very crucial decision. One possibility is to store products and fulfil orders on your own. However, you must consider listing fees, transaction fees, and a variety of other possible costs.

5. Consider Other Selling Platforms

Although it takes a bit longer than utilising an automatic connection of a print-on-demand program, it allows fulfilment on several marketplaces. Amazon and Etsy both have enormous followings and excellent reputations, so it’s worth considering since it can boost your brand visibility even more.

Other options include a Prodigi integration in either the Shopify App Store or BigCommerce App Store. It is a very convenient approach to sell your designs online. Your complete, digitised artwork file may be uploaded into the Prodigi app as a new collection. 

Your art is one-of-a-kind, and you require a unique presence online. If you choose the marketplace way, it’s critical to concentrate on your listings to help your items stand out from the rest.


For all these artistic, entrepreneurial efforts to succeed, you need to continually promote your artwork or products and nurture your brand’s following. You may have an existing client base and followers you can tap for marketing your art pieces. All these provide you with much potential in excelling as an entrepreneurial artist in the digital age. 

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