3 Reasons Your Web Page Should Have a Minimalist Design

working on minimalist design

Minimalism is the idea of using limited textures, colours or materials in a design. Its origins are rooted in simplicity but with the added touch of aesthetics. 

Minimalism has been a popular web page and interface design in numerous applications because it forced designers to only cater to the essential elements. It is a perfect design for modern web pages, especially now that minimalist designs are on trend. Moreover, it also makes the interface for mobile devices easier to develop.

If you’re still not convinced, here are other reasons why you should have a minimalist web page design:

  • It Makes Site Navigation Easier for the User

When there are limited elements and design, navigating the entire website is easier for any user. In fact, it might just improve your site’s user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). 

Users will easily spot the information they’re looking for when the site has been properly organised. In addition, considering the elements that users will interact with also aid in better navigation.

One of the essential elements of a website is the menu bar, which references all the pages of your website. Making the menu bar a bold colour that stands out sure works for any website, but it can get lost in the maze if overshadowed by multiple-coloured backgrounds, animations and visual content.

So using a minimalist design where you carefully choose which elements to highlight improves navigation. Utilise a large amount of blank space as a way to highlight the more important aspects of your site, such as the menu bar.

  • It Improves Site Readability

Too many elements and colours can take away the attention on the more essential elements. A cluttered design also makes readability worse for users. 

Internet users have a terrible habit of not reading everything on a particular content and poor web design will only make that worse. You should place essential information front and centre, without clutter surrounding it, so the entire page has high readability overall.

To make sure that site visitors can quickly spot the information they’re looking for, your design must be organised. Using limited elements, cutting on distracting designs and sticking to a minimalist approach is how you can improve your site’s readability with ease.

  • It Offers Quick Response Times

If you haven’t figured it out yet, it’s time for you to know that Internet users are not very patient. Studies show that users will exit without waiting for any content to display if a website takes longer than three seconds to load. 

So if your website has slow loading times, you’re in trouble. Do you know what is one of the most significant contributing factors to slow loading times? It’s web design. If your website has too many elements or has a highly complex design that just ends up cluttered, users will leave, costing you potential customers. 

A minimalist design will help you speed up your loading time. Eliminate unnecessary clutter, such as images and videos. The classic minimalist look is a white page with some text. You can include other elements on the inner pages but make sure that the landing page is minimally designed and loads faster.


A minimalist website design is better for so many reasons. Not only is minimalism on trend, but it is also a chic design that grabs the attention of any user. 

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