5 Reasons Why Brands Should Care about Their Design

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A single well-designed experience can change the entire way people think about a brand, product, service or employer by focusing on what is important to them.

As one moves up the organisational ladder in an organisation, they will move away from being a marketer and towards being a designer. In order to participate effectively in the role they want to play, they need to understand design theory and practice. Here are some of the biggest roles design plays in the key areas of your business.

1) C-Suite

If you want to be a leader and make a difference in an organisation, you must understand the impact design has on your organisation. Most people are surprised to learn that the C-suite is actually all about the design.

A CEO’s primary focus is on building a future for their company. This requires them to make decisions on how they allocate resources to create a future that aligns with their vision.

Since a CEO spends a tremendous amount of their time reading, they look for quick, easy to digest pieces of information. In fact, as it turns out, people actually judge a CEO by how well they can communicate visually.

2) Marketing 

This is where brands look to define their personas and identify the groups of people they want to reach.

Marketing and design collaborate to identify which products, services or experiences will resonate with the group of people they are targeting.

They work together to define the personality the brand will take on, the voice it will have, and the visual style it will have.

3) Operations

The design process plays a major role in any operation. Similar to how an architect designs a building and an interior designer designs a room, designers are defining how a product will be designed and how it will function.

During the design process, designers and operations collaborate to design products that are simple and intuitive to use.

They are also working together to identify how a product is made and how it is distributed, packaged and delivered to the end-user.

Design can help with the coordination between operations and marketing through the development of a visual style that is appropriate for the product.

4) HR

Design is pervasive in the HR function of an organisation. Everyone in the front line of a company is a brand ambassador. They are the first point of contact a customer has with a brand.

The way people connect with your brand is through their perception of the people in your organisation.

When recruiting, hiring, training and developing your employees, design plays a key role in supporting the core values of your business.

5) Sales

A visual style is an essential element of what makes a good product, service or brand.

Consumers spend a tremendous amount of time with their computers and mobile devices. They do this because they are looking for products, services or brands that meet their expectations.


Design thinking has been around for a long time. It’s the process that designers and creative individuals use to solve problems. In order to succeed, marketing professionals need to know what they are designing, why they are designing it and how they are going to design it.

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