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Lisa Shefchick

“As you explore my site you will see that everything I do is about helping women like you to feel confident and strong in your body and mind.”

The CLient

My name is Lisa; I am a Homeopath, Hypnobirthing Instructor and Mum to Sebastian who is 6. I find being a Mum the most challenging of all of these roles and I know that I would not have been able to get through without the strength that my own hypnobirthing experience gave me and the continued support of homeopathy for both myself and my family.

The challenge

Lisa’s business had evolved with her skillset to include more services which meant it no longer fit with her old brand and website. Fruitbowl worked with Lisa to create a website and brand that represented the new face of Lisa Shefchick, incorporating an online booking feature and video testimonials from previous clients.

Lisa has a passion for helping her clients and uses her own experiences to evaluate the needs of her clients. This allows here to provide a personal service to each individual client.


Responsive design

What they said

Thank you SO much! I had been struggling to visualise my new website and how it would portray my new business. Once I started working with Fruitbowl Studio everything moved so fast, they really helped me discover what I was looking for. Since launching I’ve had loads of new enquiries and have moved from the 4th page of Google to the 1st.

Lisa Shefchick

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