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The CLient

The client, Addition Solutions, is a reputable recruitment agency in Milton Keynes, UK. This client recruits employees for IT jobs on behalf of the Cabinet Office. Addition Solutions wanted a website that would manage job vacancies and recruitments on behalf of the Cabinet Office. This site should also be able to provide necessary information about the Cabinet Office, the requirements for the job vacancies, an easy-to-do application process as well as a page listing all available job vacancies in the Cabinet Office.

The Challenges

To ensure a successful project for Addition Solutions, we needed to achieve certain things. First, we had to ensure that available job vacancies could be posted online on the website and would be easy to access. Then, we needed to make it possible for applicants to apply for these available jobs through the website. An online application process would also require a website that could handle the traffic and make both the job listings, and the applications submitted, easy to organise and manage for the client. A major challenge we had on this project was how urgently the client requested the website be completed, as only a one week deadline was given to us. However, we were up to the task and set up the website completely just in time for the client.

The Solutions

During this project, we were able to create a job listing page that is very easy to navigate by potential job applicants. We ensured that the process for job applications would be an easy, straightforward and less stressful one for applicants on the website. We created a very secure portal for application submission, as well as an option for CV attachments, all of which was connected to the admin area so that job applications would be sent directly to the admin (Addition Solutions). Due to the very short deadline, we had to put in extra efforts to ensure the job was a huge success. We assigned more team members to this project so as to ensure that the website was set up properly and the design had to be suitable for the purpose for which the website was made for.

The Results

The completed outlook of the website was what Addition Solutions wanted. The website was well organised, easy to navigate and had a design that wasn’t too “flashy”. Job applicants could easily view available job vacancies and submit applications through a straightforward and well-organised process. The client was able to manage all job applications in one place and in an orderly manner. Given the short deadline, we were able to set up the website and made it fully functional, all in one week! Addition Solutions were impressed with our punctual delivery as well as the quality and ease the new website had.

What they said

“These guys at Fruitbowl Studio totally surprised us. We thought they couldn’t deliver because of the deadline but they completed our website in less than one week! This new website is easier to use than the previous one we had, we are definitely coming back for more projects!!”

Brett Johnson – General Manager

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