Space Suppliers Summit

Connecting buyers and suppliers across the space manufacturing sector

The Space Suppliers Summit (S³) is an international business convention that connects buyers and suppliers from across the space manufacturing industry.

The annual two-day event is an opportunity for companies to showcase their unique capabilities, share ideas, and expand their networks through targeted business meetings and a high-level conference.

S³ reached out to us to design branding materials to promote their event

S³ contacted Fruitbowl Studio as they needed a Digital Partner to create marketing materials for their upcoming event. They required a responsive website that would guide users through the event and encourage them to register.

We also used our knowledge and expertise of graphic design and branding to produce a wide range of creative assets. This included logo design, branding guidelines, brochure design, socials assets, virtual stand graphics, and animated video.

We helped S³ create brand awareness and boost event attendance

S³ needed a digital team that would listen to their needs and have the expertise to start a project from scratch. They had no existing assets, just an example of previous similar events. Our team researched the event and objectives and worked with S³ to create a strong promotional and branding strategy.

Quote from S³ – “I’ve had a great experience with Fruitbowl Studio – great work, they are super responsive to my questions and always happy to help. Will definitely be using them again!”

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