Revolutionising modern offices with portable storage solutions

Hotbox is an innovative company that is reinventing traditional offices with its range of portable hotboxes and backpacks. These tools help managers maintain an organised and safe workplace and give employees the flexibility to work from anywhere. 

Hotbox solutions are extremely versatile and can be applied at home and work. They offer the ideal storage solution for hot-desking and remote working. You can relax knowing that your valuables are organised, secure, and available whenever you need them.

Hotbox reached out to us to design a website that would promote their products & brand

Hotbox wanted a modern and responsive website that would be easy to navigate and give them a competitive edge in the storage sector. 

Our team applied their specialist knowledge and expertise of web design to craft a WordPress website that is functional, user-friendly, and visually attractive. The site was designed to prompt users to purchase hotboxes’ latest storage solutions.

Fruitbowl Studio helped Hotbox create a strong and recognisable brand

Our expert graphic designers helped Hotbox create a strong brand image by creating various assets to complement their awesome new website. This includes logo design, brochure design, social assets, and other branding materials. 

We have established a long ongoing relationship with Hotbox where we provide regular assistance with branding materials along with dedicated web support.

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