Branding isn’t a walk in the park; you need to invest a lot of time, put in thoughtful and meticulous work to create effective branding that will help share your business’s story as well as stand out from the crowd. 

Branding is a constant job that does work on all types of marketing platforms, such as social media accounts, email campaigns, websites and other forms of communication. 

Because of this, you must design your branding to be effective and compelling. To help business owners with this, many team up with a reliable branding agency to develop a powerful branding concept. 

In this article, we’ll share our top five big branding blunders that you and your design team should stay away from. So grab a pen and paper, and let’s dive in!

1. Your message isn’t being showcased

Your branding has the job of successfully sharing your message and purpose to your audience. It allows your company to stand out from the sea of similar businesses in the industry. 

If your branding doesn’t do this, chances are, your potential leads won’t stick around in your business for too long and it’ll be challenging to develop brand loyalty. 

Branding doesn’t only rely on graphic design, but your tagline and mission statement are also important. This is why your messaging should be clear and could easily be understood by your target market. 

2. Ignoring the importance of consistency

An important factor that makes branding effective is consistency. This consistency will promote brand recognition, which then improves visibility and recall in your target market.

When designing your company’s branding, incorporate the same logo in all your platforms, use the same colour schemes, voice, tone and messaging style, as well as fonts. This will not only improve brand recognition but will also avoid any confusion that customers may experience with other brands in the marketplace. 

So if you need to have consistent branding for your website, it’s best to work with a web design agency that understands your message and current branding. They’ll be able to build the right web design that will incorporate all the necessary branding elements of your company. 

3. Follow appropriate trends

A common misconception that business owners do is follow all the graphic design and marketing trends that pop out every single month. Unfortunately, most trends don’t last and if you keep following these trends, you might end up losing your brand’s core message.

You want to make sure that your company’s branding will age well and continue to be relevant after many years. You can do this by not forcing new trends into your brand and instead, investing in more timeless designs and strategies. 

4. Forgetting to connect with your target audience

Another common mistake the business owners do is to forget to connect and interact with their customers. Your customers are critical pillars in your businesses that help it operate, and without them, your business won’t develop.

When you understand what your customers’ needs, you’ll be able to create content that they can use and products and services they can purchase. With understanding, you’ll build a long-lasting relationship with your customers that’s centred on trust, ultimately promoting brand loyalty. 

5. Not being inclusive

Thankfully, in this day and age, more people are fighting for inclusivity and have recognised its importance. Because of this, you must practice inclusivity in your company and branding.

You need to welcome clients from all backgrounds by being sensitive and inclusive in using the right language and being aware of cultural sensitivity and diverse imagery. 

By working with the right branding agency, you’ll create content that’s appropriate and will attract all types of customers in different communities all over the world. 


Branding is more than just colours and shapes put together to create a logo. There is a lot of thought, time and research that is put into this type of work. By collaborating with a reputable branding agency, you’ll develop the perfect branding concept for your business that will surely help you grow and make a mark in the industry you’re in. 

It’s always a good idea to work with an agency that will help you develop concepts that will give your desired results. Fruitbowl Studio is a web design agency in Northampton that specialises in web development, web hosting, WordPress support and more. Check out our services today!

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