Our Recommendations on How to Optimize Your Product Pages

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In the eCommerce world, the product pages are like the capital center of your business. It’s mainly how your customers get to know about your products and where most purchasing decisions are made. A properly optimized product page can mean the difference between making the sale to the customer looking elsewhere. 

In this article, we’ll briefly discuss some practical ways to optimize your product pages and set your business up for success.

Think From the Customer’s Perspective

In the commotion of dealing with all the necessary work in putting up a fully functional website, it’s easy to forget what the customer wants. A successful business not only depends on the quality of your products but the experience you provide as well. Make it super easy for every step of the funnel, from email subscription to finalizing a cart purchase. A good website shouldn’t take more than a few seconds to navigate.

Use Professional Photos

With an online store, greater emphasis is placed on appearance and visual aesthetics. When you use run-of-the-mill blurry photos, you risk placing your store’s reputation in jeopardy. The right product photos should allow the customers to completely visualize how the product works or looks in real life, preferable with a clean, white backdrop to serve as the image background. If you can convince your customers, through images, that your product is in line with their lifestyle and that it could add value to their routines, all the better.

Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

Most people doing online shopping prefer to do so from the comforts of their mobile phones. Now, if your website goes bonkers once they open it on a mobile phone, chances are, they’ll skip to the following website. Your mobile website should display the same amount of screen it would on a desktop and take not more than a few seconds to load. 

Clear call to action 

It’s an issue if your visitors can’t find the button immediately away. Your CTA should be visible at all times. If consumers must scroll to discover it, it will not have a reasonable conversion rate. Here’s something more to think about. Place your conversion CTA away from other CTAs on your site. A “purchase now” button, for example, should not be placed next to a “subscription” button.

Put Social Proof to Amass Credibility

Consumers will always follow the lead of others, no matter how independent or unique they pretend to be. Why should people buy anything if no one else has? They won’t be able to discern if your product is good, beneficial, or just a waste of their money. If they can’t get these questions addressed, they’re unlikely to buy. That is why social evidence should be included on your product sites. 

Write Interesting and Relevant Product Descriptions 

This is one of the most typical eCommerce product page errors I notice. Except for the description, everything appears to be in order. While your product page should be aesthetically engaging with photographs and videos, it should also have some content. Keep it brief. Long paragraphs should be used sparingly. Nobody wants to read long passages of text. You may use bullet points to make the material shorter and more straightforward to read. Don’t be monotonous. Instead, try to speak your brand voice in all your copies consistently. 


Product pages are the most significant parts of any online store. When a website visitor gets on one of these pages, they are only a few clicks away from converting. It is your responsibility to ensure that each product page is optimized to generate sales. Use this guide as a reference to ensure that your pages have all of the necessary parts.

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