How to Craft a Powerful About Us Business Page

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Contrary to what you assume your product pages will tell you, your most-visited interior web page is most likely your “About Us” section. No matter the size of your business, prospective buyers will be keener to find out about your brand more than you think. Remember: consumers are more likely to do business with a brand they like, trust, and feel they can build a relationship with. An adequate description can improve the overall impact of your website and attract high-quality leads. Here’s how to craft a story that sells. 

1. Cover the 5 Ws and 1 H

Your standard outline should cover the who, what, when, where, why, and how of your business. Introduce your company to prospective customers by: 

  • Summarising the purpose of your business
  • Listing the markets you serve and where you operate
  • How long you’ve been on the market
  • How you came to be where you are today

Getting to know your brand and what it exemplifies need not be an arduous process. Take the approach as you would introducing yourself to a new employee or making a pitch to investors. Entice your audience but keep it simple. Leave them with something bite-sized to think about. 

2. Present Your Vision

If you’re trying to stand out, chances are, thousands of other businesses are doing the same. Give audiences a unique identifier—are you interested in social justice? Furthering the technological landscape? Local sourcing? Honesty? 

Creatively communicating your business philosophy can distinguish you from similar competitors. If you aren’t confident in your way with words, consider working with a copywriting agency to get your point across. 

Give people a reason to rally for your business by coming up with a cause. Let your market know what solutions you’re willing to provide and what unique problems you’re working to solve. 

3. Talk About What You Love

Consumers will love you if you love yourself. People can smell a passionate business owner a mile away! Careful buyers will always seek proof of your reliability and authenticity. If your company is excited about what it’s doing, it’ll show through in your content and business description. 

4. Share Something Relatable

Most businesses will experience an a-ha moment before they scale. Take the time to share yours. Like any determined and hardworking individual, you’ll likely have brought your business to life due to frustration or an unmissable opportunity. Giving customers a taste of your roots will humanise your brand and make for a budding relationship with consumers. 

5. Let Audiences in on Your Goals

You have to get your audience excited about something to retain them as loyal customers. Paint a fuller picture to let consumers know you’re in the game for the long haul. Perhaps you’re looking forward to opening a new branch of your franchise elsewhere or introducing a new product. Even if some of these possibilities are far into the horizon, it’ll reassure consumers that you’re serious about growing with them. 


Not only will your story inspire those who are looking to do business with you—but it can also amp up your employees. Don’t forget to update your information as your business develops. You never know what changes you’ll run into every season. 

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