How to Build a Great Website to Support Your Business

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Every growing business needs a website to add credibility to their brand—and with most people now spending much of their time on the internet, online opportunities for marketing have begun rising! As such, being a budding business owner, you will need a website that fully represents your brand and gives people the right impression of you. 

Keep reading below for some important things for you to keep in mind when creating a website.

Get a Good Domain Name and URL Structure

Your domain name is the name of your website and what pops out on your URL. 

The ideal case is that you get the domain name that is also your business name. For example, our domain name is ‘,’ which matches our company name completely. But in some instances, your domain name may not be as readily available for you to buy! 

Here are the possible scenarios as to why that is:

  • Taken by another business – another company on the web shares the same name as you and got a hold of the name first
  • Bought by domain name bidders – some online businesses buy domain names and sell them to interested buyers for a higher price

If it’s taken by another company that shares the same name, it may be hard to get. 

Using the earlier example, a photography studio that is also coincidentally named Fruit Bowl Studios cannot get our domain name because it’s ours! However, they can try to buy the different variations such as .net or .org if they were nonprofit. If their location matters, and they were from California, for example, then they can try for the name or any other variation. 

The important thing to keep in mind is that it must be as close to your business name as possible, and it’s not already taken. If you find that the person who owns the name you want is a bidder, you can probably negotiate for a price.

Design with Purpose

Web design can tell clients of interested buyers a lot about your brand. Awful and amateurish web design might hurt your reputation and give people the impression that you’re a spammy website—which is something you definitely won’t want!

Make sure that your web design matches with your current branding scheme. Choose complementary colours, set your content with an appropriate and readable font, and create a layout that’s easy on the eyes without compromising navigation. 

Always Add a Call to Action

When people visit your website, give them something to do after you’ve convinced them to give you a chance. 

CTAs are what sell you in the end. Even if your website doesn’t quite have all the e-Commerce functionalities yet, the least you can do is have a contact page with a form and your phone or email address details on it!


Having a website for your business can do more than just increase your online visibility. When you delve deeper into e-Commerce, you’ll find that there are many business functions that you can integrate into your website that will make things easier for your customers! Whether it’s making transactions online or marketing your services, it is about time that you start contemplating on shifting the way you do things by utilising the power of digital platforms. 

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