Having a clean, simple website design is practically a necessity today. Some people think this clashes with one of the main goals of digital marketing: to produce as much relevant content as possible. Any website design agency will tell you that it can be challenging to figure out how to say everything you want without cluttering up a website, but it is possible. Here are a few things that can help you keep a streamlined site with meaty content.

Keep Your Website Navigation Clean

Your website navigation is a significant contributor to user experience. When you use too many elements on your pages, it could overwhelm the visitor. People usually want to go through the fewest possible number of clicks. When you have tons of pages, buttons and links, you drown out your message. Limit your top navigation to seven elements at most, including your top pages, phone number, and CTA buttons.

Ditch the drop-down menus as well; they are challenging to use on smaller devices. Instead, use a mega menu if you have plenty of links. Mega menus are a type of expandable display that displays several options in a two-column format. You can also move lower-priority items to the website footer. Visitors tend to scroll to the bottom of pages, so don’t worry about these links not receiving traction.

Sharpen Your High-Level Messaging

Your high level messaging are the headlines, subheads, and bullet points on your page. These are the most critical areas for text on your page. As such, they are prime places for your unique selling point or your value proposition. You must convince a visitor that you can solve their problems through your high-level messaging.

Besides attracting the right visitors, emphasizing this area also benefits your SEO. Optimizing your H1, H2, and so on helps your website become more accessible to search engines. It is also a best practice for ADA compliance. Ask your web design agency on how to achieve the perfect balance of engaging high-level messaging and minimalist design.

Use Open Design On Your Page

Aside from getting your high-level messaging right, you also have to use the latest design trends. You could also use an accordion to expand or collapse content based on the preference of the visitor. You often see this on the FAQ page, where the questions are visible, and you can view the answer if you click the button or link that expands it. You could also use hover-over effects. These allow a visitor to view additional text when he hovers his mouse on an image or box.

Use Your Blog And Other Resources

Decluttering is not just about cutting out existing content. If you have a lot of material on your site, you can just shift some of it to your blog or your Resources section. Blogs and dedicated pages allow you to organize posts in a way that makes sense for your brand or makes it easy for visitors to read.


Having a great website is about more than getting the aesthetics and palette right. You will only waste your efforts if you don’t take stock of the other elements that affect a visitor’s experience of your site. Hiring a branding agency can help you nail the right look and feel for your business’s online space.

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