How Style Guides Can Help Your Website Design and Development

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Creating a website is a meticulous and tedious task. You need to work with a web design agency that can help you create your website. Several elements go into designing and developing the interface of your site, prioritising an excellent user experience for your target market. 

One of the essential elements when designing and developing a website is the use of a style guide. Without a style guide, your website design and development timeline may keep on extending due to revisions, design changes, and bugs. Style guides are meant to be a model for your web designer to build an efficient website for your company. Below, we discuss why your web designer and developer must use a style guide.

What is a style guide?

A style guide is a blueprint or floor plan of your website. It’s a model your web designer created to show you the elements and components of your website and how they will work harmoniously. This guide will also be used as a master reference for the web developer to create a consistent user interface (UI) and user experience (UX).

Your web designer and developer will present this model for you to understand the overall design and development process. A style guide typically contains the colour scheme, icons, fonts, and images. 

Web designers and developers that present style guides to clients demonstrate professionalism and how they will help with the consistency of design throughout the development process. It’s great to have because you can spot-check the project as well by looking at the style guide as a reference.

Here are three primary reasons they are a useful tool in your web design and development stages:

1. Style guides are a time-efficient way to manage the design process

Because all the elements of your web design are laid out, your web designer will see whether all components work well together. One of the benefits of a style guide is that it helps designers establish the hierarchy of elements. It also benefits the web developer because it makes it easier for them to find interface issues that need resolving. 

Style guides are a great way for web designers, developers, and clients to be on the same page throughout the design and development process. This way, your designers and developers can efficiently and systematically build and design your website. 

2. Style guides are your web designer and web developer’s master reference for the project

When your website’s designing process begins, your web developer will need the design files of your website. The web developer will use these guides to create your website—how the elements would go well with each other, what the UI structure would look like, and if the user experience is smooth. 

Additionally, there’s a lot of analysing and building involved from the start to the end of development. That’s why it’s always good to have a master guide that will help connect all the steps and progress from the design stage to the coding in the backend development.

3. Style guides help with workflow efficiency

With style guides, your web designers and developers can understand and see the inconsistencies right away. You will always find errors and bugs while you build your website, so it’s great to find them right away with your style guide. 


Just like any project, proper planning will help your designers and developers build an excellent website. It’s good to prioritise user interface and experience because they are keys to excellent customer service. Style guides can help you achieve that, aside from improving your web designer and developer’s workflow. 

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