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Are you a local business? We’re offering completely FREE online shops to reduce your amount of work and human contact during the isolation period.

Why go online?

By allowing customers to browse products and order online, you’ll not only introduce the ability to shop 24 hours a day, but you’ll also be increasing your free time to focus on more important tasks. Secondly, you’ll be increasing everyone’s ability to listen to the governments social distancing advice by reducing human contact.


Phone Free Orders

Struggling to keep up with all your customers calling to place orders? Start taking orders online so you can focus on running your business.

Order Management

The WooCommerce order dashboard makes it easy to update, view and process your orders. Get the WooCommerce App for order management on-the-go.


Instant Notifications

Get new order notifications direct to your phone with the WooCommerce app. Order details will also be sent to you by email so you never lose track of an order.

Instant Payments

Get paid straight in to your PayPal or Stripe payment accounts in real time. Your new order portal is completely eCommerce ready.

Delivery Availability

Customers can select their preferred delivery date from the next available days. Control availability by setting a daily order capacity and minimum turnaround time.

24 Hour Setup

In most cases, we can get you an online system up and running in under 24 hours. This is not a guarantee but we will do our best!

Generating New Ideas. Solving Big Problems

Fruitbowl Studio is a remote working web design agency based in Northampton. During this difficult time, we want to support other local businesses, from butchers to hairdressers that could benefit by taking part of their business online. You’d be surprised how much we can help!

What is a FREE online shop?

Our FREE online shops are a basic 1-page website dedicated to your business with up to 6 shoppable products. We tailor each page to be specific to you and your products or service.

Your customers can easily order your products and pay online. You receive the payments directly into your account following an order notification on the Woocomerce app.

introducing woocomerce

Woocommerce is our secret little weapon. This brilliant plugin is how we turn a normal web page into a fully functional shop. The best bit is this app lets you manage your store on the go from anywhere. You can track your store, manage orders and get real-time alerts! 

Increase your businesses potential by automating mundane tasks. For every automation you introduce you’ll be freeing up essential time to focus on the rest of your business.

From Our Clients

Take a look below at how we’ve managed to transform businesses overnight. Our online service will not only make your time more efficient but has reduced stress too.

“Since we started offering delivery boxes during the COVID-19 outbreak we’d been up against it every day and the phone hadn’t stopped ringing! Now our ordering process is totally automated and we’re back to getting orders out the door.”

Sam Troop

K. F. Troop & Son, Family Greengrocers

“Don’t know what we would have done without it! We were drowning under the sheer volume of calls and wouldn’t have been able to cope much longer. Lifesaver! Thanks, guys.”

Jonny Perkins

W.G Perkins & Son, Family Greengrocers

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