7 Essential Pages You Should Have on Your Website

pages on website

Creating and launching a website for your brand are important. However, do you know which pages you should have in it? If you’ve been observant, you might have noticed that many websites often have the same structures. Things only change when it comes to navigation. 

Still, it’s essential you have the right site pages on your website to ensure that your clients will have everything they need when they land on your site. Here are some of them: 

  • About Page

The About page is the most common website page. It should contain information about your brand—who you are, how you started, your team, etc. You can also use this page for miscellaneous information about your company and provide users a way to contact you to find out essential information about your business.

In the case that you have a lot of information on it, it makes sense to make a separate page for Contact Us. 

  • Services Page

Is your brand service-based? If it is, then it only makes sense you have a Services page on your site. The services are all listed on one page on some sites, while others have them spread among several pages. 

If you don’t have a universal landing page for your service listings, make sure you create one right away. You need to ensure this part of your website is as organised as possible because this is where your users will learn more about what you can offer.

As a business, it’s crucial your services are listed down clearly; otherwise, users won’t know you provide such service. 

  • Shop Page

Now, if you sell products, you need a page for Shop or Products. Whatever it is that you’re selling, make sure that the Shop page is on the same domain. 

Keep them organised and make sure they stand out on your site. When you have products on your website, you want your visitors to be able to shop hassle-free online. 

  • Careers Page

You can have a lot of search volume just by having a Careers page there, and even though they may not be conversions for you, it will mean that talented people who can be a part of your company can find your brand. With that, you won’t need to spend so much time in the recruitment process. 

  • Blog Page

Nearly every website today has a blog page. Having a blog is crucial because it drives traffic. Moreover, a blog is a vital part of your Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

  • Events Page

Even if your business doesn’t hold a lot of events, many users and bots search for events pages on websites. That’s why it makes sense to have it on your website. 

  • Help & FAQs Page

What happens when site visitors have questions about your products, services or even your business? This is where a Help & FAQs page will come in handy. 


Having all of these vital pages on your website will build a structure that will make your website reliable out there. Pay attention to the pages you place on your website, and make sure the ones we discussed here are there!

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