5 Design Elements Most Successful Ecommerce Websites Use

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Many online businesses are so focused on getting their websites to the top of Google search results that they lose sight of their fundamental goal: to serve their customers.

Online marketing, online advertising, and search engine optimisation are critical components of every online business. However, they always go hand in hand with a friendly user interface, faultless website functionality, and worry-free customer service.

Here is a list of the things you should include in your e-commerce website design to attract loyal customers and grow your business.

1. Customer Names

What is the most pleasant word that we marketers like to use? You might consider ‘success,’ ‘trust,’ ‘conversions, “respect,’ or something else. Well, the reality is it’s your name.

Psychologists say people love being addressed by their names. It has a strong correlation with the friendly nature of a person.

Marketers and sales managers understand this very well. Haven’t you ever been approached by a sales manager? The first thing they’d ask would be your name, and it’ll likely be used multiple times in the conversation.

The primary rule here is to avoid coming in too strong. Customers’ names should be used to greet them when they login in after making purchases or in email newsletters. Don’t use it every other line on your webpage.

2. Popular Products

Just like in the brick-and-mortar shops, you should make sure your e-commerce site presents popular products. It’s one of the quickest ways to attract new customers doing some window shopping.

Feature your products in such a way that it appeals to you and your potential customers. Be careful with how you position your products. Display them in such a way that it highlights your strengths and downplays your weaknesses.

This is especially important considering that you want to feature as many products as possible.

3. High-Resolution Product Images

It’s one of the basic requirements for any e-commerce website. But only a few companies fulfil it.

High-resolution product images are crucial for online shopping. They not only show you the product details but also allow you to zoom in and see finer product aspects.

4. Testimonials

They say a picture speaks a thousand words. So does a testimonial. Testimonials can be a difference between conversion and a bounce. Use them to share your clients’ experiences and make your website more credible and fill the gaps between product descriptions.

5. Wishlists

A wish list is an alternative for clients who do not currently have enough money to purchase a product or require more time to decide. Allow them to set a product aside and return to it when they are ready to purchase.

People may forget what they planned to buy or just discover the identical item on another website and purchase it there. However, if they have it on their want list on your website, they are more likely to purchase it from you.

You may later use gentle reminders to alert clients to price changes and persuade them to purchase a product.

To create a wish list that is as visually appealing as possible. The better it looks, the more likely a customer is to move products to a cart.


Successful e-commerce websites incorporate these elements into their design for a reason. They understand that the best way to make their clients happy is to make their experience enjoyable, personal and successful.

What are the strategies your company uses to personalise the experience on your website? Let us know in the comments section below.

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