Create a Winning Brand Identity with These Dos and Don’ts

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A recognisable brand identity isn’t just one thing—it’s an amalgam of many elements of your company’s identity. These elements create consumer perceptions, increasing your value or harming it. If you desire a positive reputation, think about all aspects of how consumers perceive your company. It’s more complicated than you might think. 

All those factors combine to create what we call “brand identity,” which is a way of thinking about how consumers perceive the value they receive from your brand. The stronger your brand identity, the more valuable it is.

Here are some dos and don’ts to building a successful brand identity:


  • Be Core Value-Centric: Brand values are the guiding principles of your business. These values define the essence of what you are and what you do. It’s more than a name, logo, or colour scheme. Your company will be consistent in delivering on its promise. It’s not about how you look; it’s about acting. 

Therefore, your brand will embody how you want your company to be viewed, making it easier for the consumer to choose you over your competitors.

  • Observe Trends: The best examples of successful brands that followed trends include Apple and Samsung. When mobile device users clamoured for touch-screen devices, these brands listened. They’ve been dominating the market ever since.

Conversely, Nokia and Blackberry followed too late. And despite their later touch-screen offerings, they had already been beaten by the American and Korean brands.

Avoid being trendy, but don’t discount your customers’ behaviour. Remember, your brand identity should reflect and serve them.

  • Create Trust: Another reason being trendy will not always reap the rewards is it comes across as insincere. Instead of sticking to core values, your brand identity goes with the flow—not standing up for something but falling for everything.

People have never trusted brands more than they do today. Consumers have become increasingly distrustful of business in a world of misinformation, conspiracy theories, and social media.

Pepsi’s attempt to appropriate the Black Lives Matter movement with its ad featuring Kendall Jenner faced a nearly universally adverse reaction. As a result, authenticity has become more critical than ever. 

Conversely, Coke’s approach to diversity showcased a diverse group singing “America the Beautiful” in multiple languages in its Super Bowl commercial, and it was effective because it was authentic.

Authenticity personalises a brand and creates a genuine connection between a company and the consumer.


  • Be Too Trendy: As mentioned earlier, while essential to be aware of what other brands are doing and what customers want, don’t worry about following in their footsteps.


Because Refreshing your brand identity can often confuse your customers.

Tropicana’s major competitor refreshed its brand packaging, so Tropicana also felt the need to update its look back in 2009. Unfortunately, the new design was confusing and resulted in a 20 percent drop in sales within weeks of the relaunch. 

If you need to know what your competition is doing, pay attention to how they approach their brand. But don’t let that influence your own brand decision; make only decisions true to your own goals and values. Resist reacting to everything that your competitors do.

  • Falsely Advertise: Your brand needs to represent who you are and what you deliver accurately. If you tell people too much or promise too much, they will doubt that you can keep your promise. Failure to keep your word could lead to a bad reputation.


Creating a winning brand is like raising a unique human being. They must have their own identity while knowing how to coast through the unique personalities of those they meet along the way. These result in a pleasant experience for everyone involved, but it also creates a long-lasting relationship that people will return to and clamour for every time they remember.

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