Many young entrepreneurs prefer to use social media platforms as an entryway to increase their business’s presence online. Although it’s a viable way to gain online visibility, it’s not a reliable medium to conduct business transactions. This is why business owners need to be familiar with web hosting services.

Having your own website gives you more versatility to interact with your target demographic. However, there are still several features you have to consider before you start outlining your site’s layout. Web hosting providers offer diverse features and packages which can directly affect your business’s performance.

How to find the ideal web hosting provider for entrepreneurs

Like purchasing a home, leasing out online spaces from web hosting services is a costly investment. Although it’s much easier to switch providers than swap living spaces, it will still create adverse effects on your operations. This is why business owners need to eliminate their options properly to find the best fit.

If it’s your first time looking for a web hosting service, here are three features you should consider:

1. Look for the one that fits your budget

It’s not uncommon for consumers to be dubious about service providers that offer low-cost products. People generally correlate cheap with mediocre quality. However, it’s not always the best principle to look for a company that offers the highest prices. When looking for a reliable web hosting plan, you need to consider your options on the price ranger that a web host provider is offering.

Since launching your own entrepreneurship is more accessible nowadays, there are numerous service providers in the market willing to do business with small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Some companies can offer you a free trial of their subscription, while others can give you the flexibility of adjusting your plan at any time. Look for similar features that you value then gauge what provider can give you the best value for your money.

2. Make site speed your priority

A successful website doesn’t just rely on flashy visuals and an interactive interface. Loading speeds are crucial contributors to your ROI and customer appeal. There’s no point in launching a website if your users take too long moving from one landing page to another. Remember that online spaces only have a few seconds to maintain your customers’ attention. Any delays they experience within your sales funnel can lead to high cart abandonment rates and negative brand representation.

Choose a web hosting provider that can accommodate the processing needs of your site. If your site needs to utilise large file sizes of media, you should look for a provider that can offer a considerable bandwidth to accommodate your storage needs.

3. Avoid looking for free handouts

Free hosting can be tempting for newcomers who are just starting their business. These people think it’s safer to go for a temporary provider to provide a free domain for their website. However, there’s never anything new when it comes to procuring services from the internet.

It’s not uncommon for free web hosting services to have hidden disadvantages, which can come through server limitations or lack of guaranteed tech support. It’s best to avoid having these restraints early in your career if you want to invest in your business’s success.


Going digital is an excellent way to increase your business’s profitability and reach, especially since many consumers are leaning more towards digital transactions. Having your own website is a step in the right direction as long as you subscribe to the right services to guide you on your way.

At Fruitbowl Studio, we can give you an all-around solution for your transition to digital spaces. We’re a web hosting agency in Northampton that handles web design, SEO and your website’s overall management. Reach out to our versatile team to learn more about our services!

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