4 Tips to Build Your Brand with the Help of Website Design

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There are many ways to build your brand, from your marketing efforts down to your logo design. However, one of the more effective ways you can build your brand is through your website. With so many people surfing the internet to look for companies to work with, ensuring that your website meets their needs help to put your brand in good light, promote your reputation, and build strong relationships.

That said, your web design is essentially based on your brand’s design, and as such, here are the following tips you must follow to ensure your website design builds your brand, not destroy it:

1. Use the Right Voice

The tone that you use to speak about your brand will in itself speak volumes about who you are. When you speak in a professional manner, people will perceive your brand as a professional and formal company. On the other hand, if you implement a more fun personality, your brand will look more relaxed and casual. As such, picking the right tone is vital to creating the right brand for your audience. This helps to attract the right audience to your business, boosting your chances of converting them.

2. Showcase Your Logo

What’s the use of your logo? It represents who you are visually. In many cases, you will already have a specific style, colour, and design to the logo reflected in the rest of your branding. You can base your website on the logo, picking designs consistent with the logo you have. For example, look at Apple’s logo and their website. They both work together in unity, creating a harmonious look that screams sleek, stylish, and innovative. Do the same for your website, and your audience will far more easily identify who you are, even from just your web design!

3. Evoke Some Emotions

If there is one thing that will solidify your place in your audience’s heart, you can reach out and evoke your customer’s emotions. If you can get them to connect with your website design and stir them up, they will be more engaged with your brand. Your website can evoke those emotions by employing the right colours, shapes, fonts, and the like. When customers vibe with your website, they start to be attached to your brand and business.

4. Add Some Personality

People do not want to work with brain-dead corporations who act like robots in their strive for money. They want to work with real people who care for their problems and seek to find solutions that work. Your brand needs to reflect the latter, and you can easily do that by adding some personality to your website. To do this, you can add various elements that are natural and relatable. For example, you can include elements that look like nature, such as trees or even animals, to your website. This creates a form of human-like attribute that can allow people to recall your brand easily.


By applying the tips we’ve shared with you today, you can create a stunning website that reflects your brand and tells your audience what you are all about. This allows the right individuals to connect to your brand personally, causing them to learn more about you and finally opt for your products and services. That said, website design isn’t exactly easy, and it takes quite a bit of experience to get it right. As such, we recommend that you reach out to professional web designers to design your website. They can account for your brand and many other factors, ensuring that the final result is a website that reflects who you are.

Fruitbowl Studio specialises in web design, hosting, and more, helping companies meet their website-related needs professionally. If you are looking for a web design agency in Northampton to help you design the perfect website, contact us today!

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