How to Manage Your B2B Web Leads Through the Rule of Three

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There are numerous tips and advice you can get when bringing in a qualified lead throughout the sales funnel and turning it into a paying customer. In this article, we will look at the rule of three and how you can use it to manage your leads and turn them into lifelong customers.

1. Get Three Lead Notification Methods

When your business encounters a lead, you should find strategies to prevent them from falling through the cracks. The best practice for your business is to have at least three ways to get notified of the lead, so you can act on converting them right away.

For instance, you can set up an email notification, a Slack channel notification, and a CRM software alert whenever someone successfully fills out a contact form.

2. Respond within Three Hours

Alongside the rule of three, you should also follow the rule of responding to the lead within three hours. Ideally, you should do it within an hour to keep them from waiting. But ultimately, the maximum should be three hours.

You or a member of your sales team must opt to respond to your lead in the most professional way possible. You should also find the right and effective response, not only settling with something random but using something attractive and impressive for a prospect.

3. Add Three Links in Your First Email

In your response, which is most likely an email, it is advisable to add three links. Use them as a way to provide valuable resources for your lead. The main target is to give them answers to questions they may have about your site. Of course, these links must direct the lead to key parts of your website.

Additionally, you should make sure your customer will find it easy to click on the link, making it very noticeable compared to other parts of the email. It should be similar to how you would place them on a website’s landing page.

4. Use Three Types of Emails to Hook Them

Keep your lead engaged by sending a maximum of three emails. Aside from the initial email introducing the company, you should also consider sending a second one after twenty-four hours and the third one about a day later.

In the first email, let the customer know about the things your business can do for them. You can also include your service packages and pricing plans, should they be excited to spend time with you.

You can do a quick checkup for the second email to confirm if they received your initial message. The third and final one can be a message to wish your prospective customer all the best, letting them know that it’s your last attempt to reach out, but they can still message you anytime.

Final Thoughts

Collecting leads is essential for a business to succeed. However, it doesn’t end in generating them. It’s also important that you know how to manage these leads and turn them into customers. For your online presence to succeed further, you must take the time to design the best website.

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