5 Ways to Level up Your E-Commerce’s SEO Game After COVID-19

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The pandemic brought humongous changes to people’s lives. One significant transformation it brought is the emphasis on the importance of online shops. Because of the stay-at-home guidelines in most parts of the world, more businesses have gone online to cope with the new setup and provide the people with their needs and wants. It is the safest way to purchase things you lack, and it limits the usual personal interaction needed to do so. 

Now that most of the businesses are going online, the competition also increases. Although SEO helps you improve your numbers and site performance, you still need the right strategy to make your efforts work better. Here are some ways you can leverage your eCommerce site’s advantage over others in this new normal:

1. Speed up your page load

Nowadays, people can access your store easily through the internet, and they would want to visit your site without experiencing any troubles. Any delay or long wait would only cause them to leave your page and look for better options. That’s where instant gratification gets highlighted in people’s daily lives. More of them are used in acquiring the results they want or getting the feedback they need in an instant.

A site that loads faster than others would lead you to higher conversion rates and page visits. How to achieve that? Here are some suggestions you should consider:

  • Reduce your HTTP requests
  • Use highly compressed images
  • Try asynchronous loading of JavaScript & CSS in your site
  • Make server response as quick as possible

Moreover, Google loves it when sites load faster. Your page speed is one determinant of your page ranking. 

2. Create more relevant and fresh content

More people would search for your site if you regularly release relevant and helpful content. Readers will keep coming back and searching your site up if they find your content valuable and beneficial for them. 

One way to increase your engagement is through exploring with the media you use. For example, try incorporating videos in your page content. In one study published by Forbes, 90 per cent of the customers interviewed said that video content helped them make a purchase decision. As such, video content can be a huge investment from your end, but if done right, the result you’d get would be worth it. 

Using quality and neat photos are also game-changers. Besides making your page look professional and attractive, it is also a way to get them hooked to your site, products, and services. 

Now that we’re living in a more dynamic online environment, you can always try to shower your followers with content that would stand out and spark interest. Instead of the normal text, you can add infographics, videos, and images in one article. 

3. More payment options

If your eCommerce site does not provide many payment options, now is the time to widen your customer’s choices. Since electronic payments are more convenient and safer to use now compared to paying in cash, it would be beneficial to add modes of payment that people can easily access through their mobile. The more payment options you have, the more types of customers you can accommodate. 

You can partner with digital payment aggregators now, and some of them even offer tie-up promotions with eCommerce sites. This way, both of you would benefit from the deal. You generate more sales and traffic, which is also an SEO point while you give them exposure and clients.

4. Make your site mobile-friendly

If you haven’t optimised your website for mobile yet, you need to act on it immediately. More people are going mobile in terms of internet usage and web searches. If your web page doesn’t instantly adapt to their screens, it can affect the user experience, and you might end up losing customers. To prevent this, make sure your site’s design is responsive. Having a mobile-friendly website is also one way to raise your SEO score.

5. Level up your social media presence

Social media helps improve your SEO performance too. Consider adding social media links to your website content, and it will lead to more seamless engagement for your readers and broader reach for you. At the same time, you can also promote your content on your social pages to drive more traffic to your site. In itself, social media is a powerful online tool, and you can maximise it to get your desired SEO results.


These are only some of the many ways you can apply to your website for better SEO performance after the pandemic. If you continue to improve in all these aspects, you will not only get more traffic to your website but also generate more sales and loyalty from customers.

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