Web design is not always an intuitive process, as designers don’t always know exactly what you want unless you thoroughly explain it. In their field, time is money, and when you contact a web design agency for their services, you’ll want everything in line. Giving your web designer an easier time will ensure that you get the best out of their work and that these are met on time on par with your standards. 

Your website will include plenty of elements, such as a store page, about pages, and even a blog for SEO content. A designer will likely want access to quality images, a whole branding kit complete with the logo and style guide, and other details for maintenance and content creation. Preparing all details will make for a straightforward meeting that holds better results overall. 

Here are ways to improve the way your consultation materialises:

1. Know the Overall Layout Scope

A website designer can help with this during the discovery phase of creating a webpage, which is how you can determine the way the site flows. The next step is knowing how many landing pages your site will have. Whether it is a homepage, informational pages, services list, products catalogue, or ways to contact you, these should all be listed down. Even knowing the basic flow of pages will be a big help in the way a website design agency can work with you. 

Additionally, knowing the details that you’ll be putting into products and services pages, such as descriptions, product pages, pricing requests, and other images will help with layouts. Overall, user experiences (UX) are going to be at the top of a web design agency’s list, as nothing speaks a better website more than a great UX. 

2. Determine a Budget

In any business process, budgets always have to be present to ensure you are not overspending or working in the dark. Each designer has package rates, and depending on your web design agency, they will be working around the budget you set. It is important to note that websites built from scratch are more expensive than basing your design on a template, so set your goals and budgets accordingly. 

When you get into the meeting, you’ll be able to negotiate and talk to the designer at hand, which will help you reach an agreement as to what you are aiming to achieve. 

3. Set a Timeframe

You are paying for services, so it is only right for you to negotiate how fast you want them to complete it and when you plan to launch the website. Remember that the quicker you request for its completion, the higher they will charge you as the designer will be working double-time on finishing it right away. Website design takes over a month to create a quality domain, so rushing this and expecting quality will never be cheap. Additionally, the more detail-ridden you make your website, the longer the project will take, and speeding through this might stretch your budget further. 

4. List Your Stakeholders

Any project requires a clear-cut list of roles and responsibilities, so knowing who the contact persons are or who makes the design decisions is essential. Listing down key people with contact information will assist in expediting the way a web design agency conducts business. 

5. Establish Your Goals and Objectives

Without clearly establishing goals and objectives, this makes website design rather dull and often broken. Maximising what you are paying a web design agency for means telling them all the things you wish to accomplish with your business website. This way, the designer can devise an overall plan to drive a successful site and give you a clear idea of what you want in the end. 


Websites are the backbone of any business, and their highly customisable nature makes them an unparalleled force that powers a company’s sales and marketing. Knowing what goes in and out of your website will ensure the success of the overall design, so you’ll need to prepare a plan before meeting up to start developing and designing. 

If you want an amazing website, you will want the top-tier services of a website design agency—just like what we offer at Fruitbowl Studio in Northampton. With cutting-edge web design, hosting services, and managed eCommerce strategies, we are your best bet when it comes to levelling up your business. Contact us to learn more about our services for improved business capabilities.

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