5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Designing a Website

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After setting up your website, you might be thinking about how you can enhance the effectiveness of its website design. You probably have many excellent ideas, and you can’t wait to make them a reality. However, performing such enhancements might not be as easy as you expect. Over the years, there are plenty of site owners who fail to make the most of their website design because they make mistakes that are detrimental to their site and brand. 

If you want to make sure that your website design works effectively for your business, here are five mistakes you should avoid: 

Having a Complicated Site Navigation

You will want to make your website look amazing, but if it compromises your navigation bar, you might want to re-think that plan. Keep in mind that your site’s navigation plays a significant role in the experience of your users because this will guide visitors on where to go on your website and where to find what they’re looking for. If it’s overly complicated, you can expect that these visitors will not spend another minute looking for it and will look for another company instead. 

Using Many Sliders

Make no mistake; sliders have their benefits. In fact, they were trendy in the past. In this modern era, however, you might want to cut back on sliders when providing site visitors with information. This is primarily because consumers are less focused now, meaning that you need to have something more straightforward and quick that they can consume on your website instead of having them click on each slide.

Again, there’s nothing wrong with using sliders, but only use them when absolutely necessary. For other types of content, remember to keep it straightforward and interesting. 

Lacking Headers

Header tags are vital to your website, and if you’re not using them, then you should adjust your methods. These headers make it easier for site visitors to skim your content because they may not have the time to read everything. For this reason, you will need headers to capture their attention and provide them with the information they need without wasting much of their time. Moreover, a site content that lacks headers is difficult to read, regardless of the font and visuals you include. 

Lacking Contact Information

Even when you have users visiting your site, and they seem interested, your efforts do not stop there. What do they do next? How will they reach you? Many businesses often make the mistake of providing little to no contact information on their website. You might think it’s the most natural task to include such information, yet many people still forget it, and it’s a huge problem. 

Likewise, some websites have contact information that is not visible or difficult to find. Keep in mind that your contact information is a vital element of your brand, which is why you should make sure that it stands out. As much as possible, have contact information on every page of your website as well. 

Having a Slow Load Speeds 

This has been a significant problem for many brands in the past years. They do everything to improve their bounce rates only to realise that the main culprit is the slow load time of their websites. 

Keep in mind that an average website visitor will only wait for a website to load in less than ten seconds. If it doesn’t load after that, they will likely jump to a competitor’s site instead. Be sure to optimise your website so that it’s loading properly and that it’s accessible across all devices. 


At this point, you now know that the four above points are website design mistakes you need to avoid when designing a website. If you do not have the expertise to do so, it is best to work with a professional web design agency to ensure that everything will go smoothly. An agency can also help you come up with the right site design that will represent your brand and will appeal to your target audience. 

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