Now that the most wonderful time of the year is here, people are making the mad scramble to complete their shopping lists. Most people don’t start on their gift-shopping until well into the season, providing you with a golden opportunity to attract as many customers as you can and enjoy increased profits. 

While decorating your website to reflect the holidays will help you join in on the festive cheer, it can also cause your customers to regard you more favourably. After all, it means you’re excited for one of the most celebrated occasions of the year, so they’ll probably want to scout your website for special deals or holiday-themed content. Here are four tips for decking the halls of your website for 2020:

1. Refresh Your Website

There’s no better time to explore a new look for your website than the holidays! With the help of a web hosting agency in Northampton, you can find the perfect seasonal decoration to refresh your website. By updating your main banner or using holiday colours, from green and red to a sparkling combination of gold and silver, your customers are sure to feel the spirit of the holidays. You can also opt for fun features, like digital snowfall and transforming the cursor into a bough of holly. 

People are naturally attracted more to visual aspects, so adding eye-catching graphics—or even discount codes—will cultivate more interest in your brand. You can also use creative calls to action to direct your customers to where you want them to go, whether it’s purchasing a unique product or signing up for your newsletter. Ensure that all your design choices are cohesive and consistent across your website and other online platforms. 

2. Optimise Your Website

The holidays are a notoriously busy time for retail shops and eCommerce stores, which means you’ll need to make sure your website is optimised for heavy traffic! The goal of every online store is to boost sales during the holidays, but many of them tend to miss out when visitors exit the webpage after it takes too long to load. Use this opportunity to improve your website loading time, fix any error and lost landing pages, and other broken links. It also gives you the chance to position yourself as an updated and relevant website.

Another upgrade you’ll want to make is optimising your website to be more mobile-friendly. A good chunk of your customers is mobile users that do their shopping on their smartphones, making them a valuable market you’ll want to reach. Luckily, working with an eCommerce web design agency in Northampton will help you achieve this.

3. Upload Exciting Web Content

You’ll want to create a reason for your audience to keep visiting your website, so apart from offering attractive products, you’ll also want to upload engaging and interesting holiday-related content. You can do so by framing your products in the context of the holidays or by spreading some festive cheer through holiday-themed newsletters. You can even create a gift-shopping guide for your customers—featuring your products, of course!

Be sure to prioritise quality over quantity, as your audience can easily be overwhelmed and turned off by a surge in poorly written or irrelevant content. However, by supplying visitors with useful and exciting information, they’ll be sure to visit your website regularly and make a purchase or two!

4. Resolve Cart Abandonment

One thing you do not want for your business is for your website visitors to abandon their carts, especially right before Christmas rolls around. If this is a frequent occurrence, then you’ll want to dig into the reasons people keep adding products to their carts but never make a purchase. By analysing these issues and understanding them, you can create a marketing campaign to retarget those who leave your website, helping you attract more people during the holiday season. That way, you’re fully equipped to boost your profits during the holiday gift shopping rush.


An optimised website experience is essential to enjoying a successful holiday experience for your business. People love seeing brands partake in celebrations, so dressing up your website in the right theme will improve your reputation, too. With these four tips, you’ll have a website that reflects the holiday cheer while staying loyal to your brand, helping you take advantage of the most profitable time of the year.

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