4 ECommerce Features You Must Have to Secure Success

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More and more people are leaning towards purchasing stuff through the internet—and seeing that this trend will not end anytime soon, there will be a time where almost every person will rely on eCommerce for what they need. If you are a business that has already implemented ways to sell online, then that’s the first step to surviving this market! Unfortunately, this can also mean more competition from your end, as more business owners are heading online to make some money. 

To ensure you remain successful despite the rise in competition, there are some eCommerce features you must have to stay profitable. Here are some things to consider when creating your platform online:

1. Add pop-ups

Many customers hate pop-ups. While that’s the case, this is only because those who have implemented it did not do it correctly! They add them in the wrong times, generally halfway when a visitor is reading something. This disrupts the customer’s activity, annoying them to leaving the website entirely. 

To avoid this problem, always only implement pop-ups when someone enters or exits your website. A welcome pop-up is a great way to share your CTA with the user, and an exit pop-up will help maintain a visitor’s interest and cause them to second-guess leaving. These two working in tandem will keep visitors longer on your website, increasing the chances to make an impression and or even pushing them to make a purchase!

2. Set up a FAQ page

When a visitor visits your online store, it is more than likely that they will have questions that need to be answered. If you can give you the answer they need, the more they will spend their time on your website. An excellent way to share such solutions is by using FAQ (frequently asked questions) pages filled with detailed answers. 

The primary purpose of such a page is to give your visitors answers they need without reaching out to a representative or customer service for solutions. However, this is not a suitable replacement for such. This means you will still benefit from having a representative at the ready, even if the FAQ page is there to answer the more general questions!

3. Utilize eCommerce apps

There are all sorts of applications you can use to support your eCommerce efforts. Such apps can mainly be used to upsell to your customers, meaning they end up spending more than intended for you. This can quickly be done with upselling apps acting like salespeople or sales reps to motivate customers to consider purchasing different things.

4. Keep your brand consistent

One of the most critical aspects of your business is your brand. It is what customers will recognise of you, and it is through your banding that you make yourself stand out from the rest. 

Just look at brands like Apple and Google. No one’s going to confuse their brand with anyone else’s, yet they are quite simple if you think about it! Keep your branding consistent and straightforward throughout all your business practices. From the logos on the website to the tone of your content, it should all be united and reflect your business.


By applying these tips to your eCommerce venture, you will stay on the road to success. That being said, the competitive environment is only going to get harsher—and if you are not ready to fight back, then we highly recommend working with a digital agency to help you out. Many agencies out there specialise in various activities, from SEO to web design. These services can be used to aid you on your online efforts, securing your online success for many years to come.

Fruitbowl Studio specialises in creating websites for companies to streamline business operations and automate various processes. If you need an eCommerce web design agency in Northampton to help you out, work with us today!

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