3 Things Holding Back Your Website’s Design and Traffic

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Have you ever clicked on a website, only to close the tab in annoyance?

A website’s goal is to be a one-stop information hub for a brand and give potential customers a pleasant user experience. However, there are a lot of websites that can have a dodgy interface. It can cause visitors to click off and go to a competitor’s website instead, which is a missed opportunity for your business.

Website design doesn’t have to be difficult, but three key factors may prevent you from getting clicks driving traffic. Here’s what they are and how you can solve them:

A Layout That’s Hard to Navigate

Mobile users will view your website through their phones. It’s all too often that web design is solely made for desktop computers and laptops rather than smartphones. Dedicate a specific layout for certain devices through responsive design. This will also, in turn, make it easier and cheaper for you to manage one site instead of the main one and a mobile one.

One universal gripe most people face with a confusing layout is a dysfunctional search bar. It can be frustrating for a user to continually press the search bar when it doesn’t even open or work at all. Platforms such as WordPress and Magento can help you enable a proper search bar option if you have a website with them.

You have to be mindful of every element you place on the website’s layout, from the images to the page header. Website designers will know how to make each page more optimal and easier to skim through. Take extra care if things are correctly linked and test whether they come up properly for users.

Empty Content and Information

Imagine your business was recommended to a person, and they’re interested in hiring you. They would look up your brand on the internet, click on the website that came up, wait for it to load, only to find little to no information on your business at all. Not only did they learn nothing, but it can give the wrong impression to the client. Consider your website as your online resume.

It can feel underwhelming to engage with a business that doesn’t seem to manage its content or upload anything on their website. Input a strong greeting, your contact information and descriptions of the products or services you’re offering. Connect your social media accounts as well for more online presence.

Terrible Loading Speed

When pages take too long to load, you’ve already lost a visitor when the site hasn’t even opened up. Google ranks faster loading sites higher on the result page. Along with that, the bounce rate (people who land on your site then exit rapidly) and conversion rate (people who complete an action on your website, i.e. purchase) are both affected by slow loading time.

Your website’s success relies on a reasonable bounce rate and conversion rate, so you need a website that loads quickly. To speed up the loading time, you should enable browser caching and website compression. Remove or refine any elements that may take longer to load, like images and videos.


To sum it up, you have to pay more attention to detail. A better website can help give your visitors a better experience and fewer headaches. Your brand can also get a lot of advantages out of it, such as improving your website’s engagement, achieving a higher rank in search engines and attracting customers.

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