3 SEO Mistakes Your eCommerce Website Should Avoid

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One of the more convenient ways to start a business in today’s age is to create an eCommerce website. With a majority of consumers now having basic access to the internet, selling your products online has now become an incredibly effective and viable option, which is why digital marketing has become so prevalent.

Search Engine Optimisation is one of the best digital marketing strategies your website can have to keep your business in the mind of your customers. Managing an eCommerce website’s SEO efforts can be quite challenging, but following some of the most basic guidelines can help you get started out. 

To help you in this regard, here are three of the common SEO mistakes your eCommerce website should avoid doing.

Not optimising your website

Website optimisation is one of the most basic advice you can get from any digital marketing agency, expert, or guide. Although many startups think this merely one for convenience, this is actually deeply rooted in SEO guidelines and the overall success of your website.

Optimisation is about adapting your website to give a better user experience (UX). A good UX is capable of enticing a user to stay longer and keep using your website—which search engine spiders take note of and give you credit for. As such, it will cause you to rank higher on search results pages, while also giving a good experience for your web visitors.

The basics of optimisation revolve around speed and usability. Shortening loading times and response delays will greatly affect your user experience. Beyond this, making your website “friendly” for any browser and device is also a part of this. By including this aspect in website development, you can increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your business website.

Sticking only to high volume keywords

Many small businesses believe that the key to success is where a majority of consumers are at. While there is a basis to this, the trouble here is that every other small and big business is thinking the same thing, meaning you will have numerous other competitors vying for attention. The same goes with the usage of keywords.

The basics of SEO would point to the importance of using keywords to increase your search engine rankings. The problem with high volume keywords is that there are a thousand other websites also gunning for them, which is why it’s a good practice to select the keywords you’ll compete for. By going for one that’s lower in volume, you have a better chance of ranking higher.

Being negligent with the product URL

When creating a product page, many amateur developers forget how important the URL is. Leaving the URL on an automatic naming would lead to a mess of letters and numbers as that page’s URL—making it pretty ugly to look at.

By establishing a proper web address for your product pages, you won’t just make it easier on the eyes, but you’ll also make it more memorable and easier to search for. Furthermore, you can sneak in a keyword inside—making it beneficial for your SEO too!


Improving your eCommerce site’s SEO is directly related to your future success. By putting some effort into establishing this from the onset, you can make your website more visible—thus allowing you better results from your launch. 

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