3 Essential Elements of a Good E-Commerce Website Design – Part 1

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In a time when websites serve as a virtual brick-and-mortar for e-commerce businesses, there’s no doubt that web design plays a significant role in keeping your digital store competitive and compelling. Unfortunately, the number of trends coming and going in today’s fast-paced landscape can make it difficult to pin down elements that work for your bottom line. 

Web design isn’t just about beautifying your website — it also has an influential hand on your branding and conversion rates. So, what can you do to guarantee engagement and results? While there are no hard rules on web design, there are tried-and-tested elements proven to generate positive results for your e-commerce website. 

Easy Navigation 

Remember that your website should inform, help, and guide your target audience to improve their browsing experience, so it’s essential to put your site’s navigation in mind when updating its web design. Your shoppers should easily find your products in just a few clicks, but poor navigation can make it frustrating enough to make them bounce to a competitor’s website. 

With that in mind, ensuring your web design promotes seamless navigation should work well for your business since it can enhance the user experience, which ultimately leads to more sales. Some ways to improve your site’s navigation is to follow common design principles such as having the main menu, product categories, and search bar. 

Mobile Responsiveness

Most consumers nowadays browse the internet using their mobile devices; that’s why you’ll be missing out on a significant portion of potential customers if you don’t design your website to be as responsive as it should be in this age. 

A web design that is mobile-friendly means all your features, product images, layout, and overall quality can seamlessly cater to differently-sized screens, giving your market the option to shop around using all kinds of devices. 

Clear Calls to Action

Sometimes even the highest quality content can leave readers at a loss for the next course of action if it doesn’t have a clear call to action. While high-resolution images, detailed product descriptions, and quality content can make your website more informative and engaging, keep in mind that you need a strong CTA to tie it all together.

While the rest of your design evokes the user’s desired emotion, your CTA will be responsible for the slam dunk, which essentially means it should prompt your audience to take action. Whether it’s to buy your products, explore your limited offers, or even something as beneficial yet straightforward as signing up for your newsletter. 

The Bottom Line: Key Pillars that Build an Effective Web Design for E-Commerce Businesses

Beyond making your website visually appealing, effective web design should be results-driven. The right elements should strengthen your brand, boost brand awareness, and enhance user engagement, all of which can improve your overall performance. 

Do You Need a Web Design Agency to Maximize Your Website?

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