Your branding distinguishes you from other businesses, showcases what you offer, and gives you the opportunity to make a memorable first impression on your target audience. It represents your company and shows how you wish the public to perceive your brand. 

With a solid brand identity, you can deliver your message accurately, establish your credibility in the industry, build an emotional connection with your customers, motivate them to make a purchase, and encourage them to stay loyal to your brand. Unfortunately, not every brand is effective. This happens when small business owners make common branding mistakes, such as the following:

Ignoring public opinion

Running a business and creating a brand requires you to get used to public opinions. Receiving negative feedback is inevitable, and the way you respond to it has a major impact on your brand. Therefore, never ignore public opinion and partner with a reliable branding agency.

Building and maintaining trust and loyalty with your customers is crucial. What they say about you matters because they help you know what works and what you can do better to better serve them. To improve your customer service, use feedback forms, research public opinion, conduct interviews, or set up polls.

Furthermore, many customers voice out their opinions about brands on social media. They even call out brands that have given a faulty product or bad service, so look out for posts about your brand. Take advantage of your social media platforms and use them as a communication tool by interacting with your target audience directly and taking note of their feedback about your products and services. 

Don’t forget to respond to comments appropriately and resolve concerns as soon as possible. A good rule of thumb is to reply within 12 hours. By answering fast, you can make your target audience feel that you listen to them and will do what is necessary to give them the best service possible.

Blocking out a crisis

Dealing with any kind of crisis is challenging, but you can encounter it anytime in the future. Regardless of the problem you’re about to face, the way your brand handles it will have a significant impact on your business and how the public views your company. 

Never block out a crisis. If something goes wrong, be prepared to address the circumstance right away appropriately. Be responsible and empathetic and own up to the situation instead of abandoning your responsibilities or shifting blame. Inform everyone about the solution you’re working on and respond promptly to comments to avoid making an impression that you are trying to hide or run away.

Failing to prioritize good web design

Your potential customers are more likely to look for your website before making a purchase. Failing to make an effort into designing an excellent website can cause issues with their user experience and lead them to click away from it. Prevent this by working with a reliable web design agency to help you come up with an aesthetically pleasing and functional web design that reflects your brand identity. 


A successful and recognizable brand is what sets you apart from other companies, and it can pave the way for the success of your business. You can build one by avoiding the common branding mistakes that are listed in this guide and teaming up with an agency like ours that specializes in brand identity.

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